The registry is still with us in Windows 10, and still as unruly, prone to fluff and more breakage than your average shampoo can even handle. I know a few really useful locations there (Run, RunOnce, etc. etc.), but to find the last remnants of an application you just can't get totally rid off, or any other task, the build-in search function is more or less all the help the ordinary RegEdit gives you.
RegScanner simply lets you search and keep your results, it shows them in a list, so you don't have to F3 (Find Next...) your way over and over the entire registry. You also get to see when a key last was updated, can't remember seeing that in RegEdit?! The presentation lets you see a whole lot more of the "logical" structure of the registry, so it's a hell of lot more educational than RegEdit. This application is one that suddenly saves me two-three times in one day, and then I don't have any use for it for a year; just what NirSoft's petite stand-alone exe-files are so good at. Get it, and other goodies at NirSoft - RegScanner


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