Pesky Apps Spit In The Face Of The PC

Why Are There Apps On My PC

(or, how my mobile phone impregnated a gullible world)

I remember with fondness the sound recording application that came with Windows 3.1;
maybe even sooner, 3.1 was my starting point regarding GUI.

However....over 20 years down the line, in this world of Windows 10, when I typed "recorder" in the Start Menu, the abhoration that appeared made me shiver, and suddenly a pop-up came from the right of my screen, Microsoft wondering how much I loved the newest I began writing, venting and in the end...ranting. Here is an unedited copy of my message to Microsoft, maybe one day I'll edit and make it more general and to the point, but please...don't hold your breath.

How can you share from an app that has so little functionality that, if you settle for it, you can't possibly have any interesting or worthwhile to say....Complete idiots will record stuff, never know what a sound file is, or a microphone, or how to manage the sound files.....What I mean can more easily be summed up like this: I'm at a computer, not a phone. I'm a user of a computer, not a parking meter. I make my living developing software on the .NET platform.....introducing the "how-stupid-can-we-make-our-customers"-competition between Microsoft, Apple, and all TV makers should not be won by the same company that makes the genius Visual Studio.....well...the simpler you make applications, or apps, as you now call them, the less computing power I need, and I now take the bother of customizing my OS, in other words, I've gone back to a lacking GUI/desktop...Linux.........GET IT can share .NET libraries across devices without making your applications featureless......Do you want out of software, is that it? Then have the balls to do so completely, and let someone who cares and dares have control over the source code and further development. Keep a stripped down (all Apps, baby) version of Windows delivered with computers for free, but do not call it Windows (insert anything here). It is only real glass windows have more functionality than Windows running those totally uncalled for Apps.....

If you don't, you'll lose the desktop Steam, or Google, or me.......The day you start introducing Apps made for Windows Server products, I'll short Microsoft stock for all the money I can possibly get my hands on....I'll sell my records, my body&soul, my all.....and get very, very rich in a short time.....then I'll take that money and buy an aeroplane which will fly over Oslo and write the words : Appocalypse..........

At the very least, let us have a version that is stripped of that filth, it would be no hassle....then I could use that version, never end up in an app with less functionality than a broken pen with burnt up paper, and look the other way......


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