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Gosh darn if Microsoft didn't make me do it again!

Don't feel like much of an Insider really....wish you'd use the Windows 10 intro screen background, giving a changelog written in appropriate technological difficulty (somewhere between the style of MSDN and (leaning heavily towards MSDN)...
I've not bothered doing real investigative work for any of the upgrades, and the only things I've really noticed is the disappearance of settings in a lot of software, resetting either completely or fully to a first install. Do that to MS-software (of course), but why reset third party software? If it's compatibility or even security you're worried about, I can't see what settings could ever make a privileged, installed program gain any "superpowers" or accidently slip into a hole in the ground or whatnot. If an application from a third party crashes, that is not yours or my responsibility.
I feel bad for not at least giving a score of 2, for the effort and to reward giving me the opportuni…

Pesky Apps Spit In The Face Of The PC

Why Are There Apps On My PC (or, how my mobile phone impregnated a gullible world)
I remember with fondness the sound recording application that came with Windows 3.1;
maybe even sooner, 3.1 was my starting point regarding GUI.

However....over 20 years down the line, in this world of Windows 10, when I typed "recorder" in the Start Menu, the abhoration that appeared made me shiver, and suddenly a pop-up came from the right of my screen, Microsoft wondering how much I loved the newest I began writing, venting and in the end...ranting. Here is an unedited copy of my message to Microsoft, maybe one day I'll edit and make it more general and to the point, but please...don't hold your breath.

How can you share from an app that has so little functionality that, if you settle for it, you can't possibly have any interesting or worthwhile to say....Complete idiots will record stuff, never know what a sound file is, or a microphone, or how to manage the sound …