How many projects must collapse, before they are forever patched

How much further will various organizations, governments and corporations accept experiencing massive failure after failure with their implementation of 2.0 ways of E-merging us and our data with their services.....Computing is a science, a little known fact it seems....can't just wish it to work Even the spry Mr. Obama hasn't got a dedicated cabinet member in charge of public IT....and what did we in Norway just get? A dedicated IT minister to guide the billions of NOK we spend on developing sub-par IT tools? No, we got : "Statsråd med ansvar for Kommunal- og regionaldepartementet, Fornyings-, administrasjons- og kirkedepartementets avdelinger for bygg, sikkerhet og tjenester, statsforvaltning, IKT og fornying (med unntak av bredbåndssaker), samer og nasjonale minoriteter, administrasjon og kommunikasjon, og planavdelingen i Miljøverndepartementet" Seriously, that's the closest you'll come...hope they'll be able to shorten his title somewhat though....


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