(In Progress) How to get from Oslo to the innermost arm of Sognefjorden, Årdalstangen, on a bicycle

Planning the route

As I have no maps besides Google's I'll start by scouring the web for people having experience cycling this route and get to know some "roadmarks" to hang my hat further on in my scheme to ride west.

Not surprisingly, there is the usual randomness involved when obtaining information on semi-fringe issues only Norwegians would be interested in, and only they post and converse...but do so with a 2 year interval....our near universal lingual penetration of English may have some of the blame, I fear they all spend it at VG or YouTube, commenting drivel (I should know, ha!)

But, I found some info :
Especially the tip sounding like : "Meld deg inn i Syklistenes Landsforbund. Der får du sykkelkart som viser de fornuftigste rutene å velge for sykling rundt om i Norge" should be investigated further...might my papa be a member and have that nefarious tome of mappings...hmmm....

Planning the packing...


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