Xbox 360 Live Games - bang for my buck

Poker Night 2 (800 points)
must be the worst poker iteration I've ever come across, at a screen or table... the mini game poker in Red Dead Redemption is addictive and likely to cause seizures of excitement compared to this, just some old characters from different Xbox titles (I won't bother with the names, it really doesn't matter...) who yammer on with no skip functionality, and though I only played two hands before I took upon myself to warn you not to even try this, it doesn't seem to be any real poker "engine" either... it's no poker game, it's an old-man stand-up fart-joke game! 800 points....Zynga Poker is probably better....stay away!

I'd rather break my controller than start the demo again...

Dust - An Elysian Tale (1200 points)
Though it's gotten a crazy amount of 10's and such over at Metacritic, this is nothing to bother yourself with. This game brings nothing new to a genre that had it's peak sometime about when Schwarzenegger and Van Damme were considered actors, the 2D shoot-it-all, and though the game brings very responsive controls and nice enough creatures to kill, it's just the same old blur...might as well play frogger with your frying pan.


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