My saturday workout / trauma

Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 5.96 km in 41m:36s using Endomondo.

And when I arrived at home, flat out of breath and legs more acidic than the lakes in Chernobyl
I discovered that the plastic shopping bag I had spent many a kilojoule transporting on my handle bars
had gotten fed up with the beating and thrown the cold, delicious Coca Cola and the so-so, yet yummy enough, fish gratin / casserole / thingy of First Price origin out of a newly created hole in the bottom!

I must have looked a giant fool, coke bottle tumbling down the street, me biking at full power with Deftones in my ears....well, at least the bottle of ketchup I was going to make the fish gratin edible with, somehow stayed in the it must have happened pretty close, but no way was I going looking for it....probably stumble upon a drunken flock of young women who had seen the whole mishap/tragedy/well-I-got-something-to-write-about...

...and, the lock to the bike was in the bag, now not, so I didn't get my usual workout of going the stairs, had to bring the bike home, not bad for a saturday :-)


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