Goodbye, and thanks for all the tabs, Opera

As a Norwegian and a long time Opera user turned developer, I've had a long, colorful and until a year or so back, a faithful relationship.

I remember the way it made me feel like I was getting just a little bit more from what was then a world where hardware and baud challenged....

It seems like ludicrous now, did I really use a browser covering a sizable part of my screen real estate for ads? And as the years have gone, I've always felt that Opera was that one sweet Norwegian geek pride, and that Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner has been a safeguard for the ever changing and scary browser market....even to the point that I invested my student load in Opera shares...

Turns out I wasn't wrong in fearing what would happen with the creator and parent of Opera gone...I think it's timing was shrewdly aligned with what almost seems like a reality now, Opera's demise on everything but fridges! 

I've never ever been remotely close to working on a project that had any sort of "version-skipping-feature" before, so maybe I'm missing something, but it feels like you've been bullied, or are ashamed for something....

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