Viser innlegg fra april, 2013

My saturday workout / trauma

Endomondo Cycling Workout: was out cycling 5.96 km in 41m:36s using Endomondo.

And when I arrived at home, flat out of breath and legs more acidic than the lakes in Chernobyl
I discovered that the plastic shopping bag I had spent many a kilojoule transporting on my handle bars
had gotten fed up with the beating and thrown the cold, delicious Coca Cola and the so-so, yet yummy enough, fish gratin / casserole / thingy of First Price origin out of a newly created hole in the bottom!

I must have looked a giant fool, coke bottle tumbling down the street, me biking at full power with Deftones in my ears....well, at least the bottle of ketchup I was going to make the fish gratin edible with, somehow stayed in the it must have happened pretty close, but no way was I going looking for it....probably stumble upon a drunken flock of young women who had seen the whole mishap/tragedy/well-I-got-something-to-write-about...

...and, the lock to the bike was in the bag, now not, so I didn'…

Studentsamskipnaden i Oslo, SiO, avdeling bolig - wtf? (work in progress)

For å si det som det står på den fancy ringeklokken tilhørende SiO Sogn Studentbys høyblokk,
bygget i 2012 :
"Trykk for ogringe på"
Jeg forventer ikke at denne studentorganisasjonen skal gjøre alt riktig, men gang på gang viser de en så slepphendt, uengasjert og inkompetent "fasade" at jeg må lufte min frust..... 
I løpet av de ca. 45 dagene jeg har bodd her har jeg mottatt to mailer som begge kan tyde på at SiO ikke har hatt kontroll på at nybyggingen har vært av god kvalitet (finn ut noe om rutinene til SiO rundt utsetting og oppfølging av oppdrag + navn på subcontractors) Først denne, som jeg ikke har hørt noe mer om - selv finner jeg det helt ok lydisolert, i allefall en enorm forbedring sammenlignet med nr det er vel nesten å forvente siden det vel er 60 år mellom de to bygningene ;-) Til deg som bor i nye boliger i Sogn studentby
Vi har dessverre avdekket at lydnivået mellom boligene i de nye boligene på Sogn ikke er tilfredsstillende. Sammen med entr…

Goodbye, and thanks for all the tabs, Opera

As a Norwegian and a long time Opera user turned developer, I've had a long, colorful and until a year or so back, a faithful relationship.

I remember the way it made me feel like I was getting just a little bit more from what was then a world where hardware and baud challenged....

It seems like ludicrous now, did I really use a browser covering a sizable part of my screen real estate for ads? And as the years have gone, I've always felt that Opera was that one sweet Norwegian geek pride, and that Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner has been a safeguard for the ever changing and scary browser market....even to the point that I invested my student load in Opera shares...

Turns out I wasn't wrong in fearing what would happen with the creator and parent of Opera gone...I think it's timing was shrewdly aligned with what almost seems like a reality now, Opera's demise on everything but fridges! 

I've never ever been remotely close to working on a project that had any sort of &…

A free idea from me to thee, NOFX

more NOFXivision! just get an intern, stream it, beam it, I'd gladly pay 5$ for a live show with soundboard audio, ok-ish sound and some of that banter we all love so much  It's come to the point where I can recite Backstage Passport...and I'm not eidetic! (might be hyperbolic though)

Xbox 360 Live Games - bang for my buck

Poker Night 2 (800 points)
must be the worst poker iteration I've ever come across, at a screen or table... the mini game poker in Red Dead Redemption is addictive and likely to cause seizures of excitement compared to this, just some old characters from different Xbox titles (I won't bother with the names, it really doesn't matter...) who yammer on with no skip functionality, and though I only played two hands before I took upon myself to warn you not to even try this, it doesn't seem to be any real poker "engine" either... it's no poker game, it's an old-man stand-up fart-joke game! 800 points....Zynga Poker is probably better....stay away!

I'd rather break my controller than start the demo again...

Dust - An Elysian Tale (1200 points)
Though it's gotten a crazy amount of 10's and such over at Metacritic, this is nothing to bother yourself with. This game brings nothing new to a genre that had it's peak sometime about when Schwarzenegg…