My attempt at commenting a post with less lucidity and more length than the post

I might be a special case, but reading that I *should* cultivate any form of personal modification, have never done much more than either make me lament my inability, or scorn the confounding people (if they exist...and can prove it) who apparently ingest truisms and make it into some kind of osmosis based personal that is better as point 3.
Then we take a leap to something so much more tangible that it should perhaps not be presented in the same breath that said "lower those expectations, you'll never be warm again" :-)
But, I agree that being reminded to try doing nice things that involve some primal vacation-time from the grind.....I wonder if we not all need to feel somewhat connected to something we perceive as just being "us" from time to time - warmth, a walk in the what-ever-is-available with the soundtrack of your life in your ear-buds or, I mention with disgust, the solitary toilet break as a mans only respite from a world that doesn't seem to dig "us", but rather have many "these"....
Alas, I conclude this exercise in rant-review-something-itched-and-got-wrote with a suggestion of making the third advice, the only advice needed...after all, who can lower their expectations of themselves without a friend who's even more under-performing, or failing that, a kinder, gentler, mirror unto yourself....and I suspect the eastern European custom of men bonding in warm, non-office-cubicle baths with some Hookah in proximity has great merit that we western self-suppressed "angst Adams" lack....
But we've all got the Facebook or the other, and the single best feature of it all is that you can dig up a pal who helped amuse you through classes in Neo Norwegian essay writing.....or how about cousin Doris, they are all there....
Digital replacements of ourselves is what passes for society these days, but since we live we only live with the remnants of what "connectedness" must have existed when society in itself was both the answer to solving common problems of all sorts, and the bonus-thrill-ride of having an extended group of people knowing you for what you could contribute with, and the (must have been) tingly loving feeling of life worth living 


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