Windows Phone 7.5 - Annoyances

Finally, my 12 month locked to the Windows Phone 7.5, in particular a HTC Titan, is over;
and as giddy as a sailor in a bar-fight I drooled while picking up a phone running the only major
mobile OS with geek factor and cracker hacker fun...the Samsung Galaxy Note;
Android, I have returned.

I wanted to write a short reminder of the border-line idiotic stuff making WP a dud missile,
so I never fall down that sewer again...frust vent!

  • To connect a Windows Phone to a Windows OS (i. e. Win7) you have to install the bloated miscarried freak brother of the already terrible Windows Media Player, Zune....
    No showing up in Windows Explorer as a disk, or some simple transfer software, but a full bundle of shit defaulting to obfuscate your WP media library and also become default media player on the computer you install it on....great if you want to upload a video at a friends house or whatever (yeah, I know there are other ways, but this is by the book...)
  • For reasons known only to a drunk troll, when browsing the Marketplace on my WP,
    I only see the Norwegian reviews (no matter that the text is in English....) which numbers maximum 1-2 users if at all.....WHY would I only be interested in Norwegians WP experiences....I dislike localization in general, but this is taking it to a whole new level.
When on the subject of localization, the Scout is worthless, doesn't know a single restaurant in Oslo, but Microsoft still wants my location to give me their brain-dead Bing search results.

I have tons more, maybe I'll write them down....I might be permanently traumatized by Microsoft's user-bashing ways.....of course, now that the Win Phone 8 is out with no way to upgrade the Win Phone 7.5 that were bought by (I presume) a lot of people like me, Windows developers, who wanted to make use of .NET all around, maybe the Xbox 360 will transfuse with WP8 and Win8 and all will be super-ultra-mega usable (if there are any WP developers left, that is....why couldn't you have given us an offer to buy back the 7.5 or give free developers licenses or whatever....

Enough of this, my Samsung Galaxy Note is ready to I just have to transfer my data from my Windows Phone...hahhaa, impossible....the phone has such a bare-bones functionality that it makes a Greek god feel impotent ;-)


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