Viser innlegg fra november, 2012

Windows Phone 7.5 - Annoyances

Finally, my 12 month locked to the Windows Phone 7.5, in particular a HTC Titan, is over;
and as giddy as a sailor in a bar-fight I drooled while picking up a phone running the only major
mobile OS with geek factor and cracker hacker fun...the Samsung Galaxy Note;
Android, I have returned.

I wanted to write a short reminder of the border-line idiotic stuff making WP a dud missile,
so I never fall down that sewer again...frust vent!

To connect a Windows Phone to a Windows OS (i. e. Win7) you have to install the bloated miscarried freak brother of the already terrible Windows Media Player, Zune....
No showing up in Windows Explorer as a disk, or some simple transfer software, but a full bundle of shit defaulting to obfuscate your WP media library and also become default media player on the computer you install it on....great if you want to upload a video at a friends house or whatever (yeah, I know there are other ways, but this is by the book...)For reasons known only to a drunk troll, w…