Viser innlegg fra juli, 2011
If you happen to be fluent in Norwegian, I'd recommend your read the comments on ANY newspaper article even remotely connected to Muslims in the last 5-20 years.

If the word Muslim appears; no matter if it's about a Muslim who happen to have gotten mugged, mugged someone himself; or being arrested for having been caught doing the job Norwegians really don't want to do themselves (substance distribution), or being one of the few who have overcome a travesty of Norway's total lack of an active politic on matters of integration, and gotten a degree or a job; or basically any story not pertaining to the weather.

The comments would be "blah muslims ruin it all, why bother letting the justice system apply for those people blah blah" (about 2/3). Then there are the 1/3 who bemoan a comment like above.
That is the state of public discourse in Norway.
Norwegians have gotten exceptionally greedy, self-absorbed and totally lacking any drive to do much more than buy a ho…