Saturday, 7 November 2015

How I finally managed to keep a diary

Set up CryptSync, it keeps a local folder unencrypted, so you can work on them,
while keeping a live synced version in the magical (but never think it's safe from hacking
or snooping employees, I've seen the inner workings of many a server through my work as a
system developer, and is a joke, doesn't matter if it's a 4 man start-up or a 5000 global
IT-finance service provider, social hacking is just a matter of wanting...

And one of the things I needed in my 10 or 11 try at writing a diary, was to be able to be totally
honest with myself, and be able to write without trying to hide the identity of the people which I'm
interacting with....which makes it very hard and super tedious to write a diary, and though sometimes
cathartic, I write to achieve long term goals, and deal with major personal change, so it can go days
between writing...but being able to write whatever I want, with little to no fear of turning my thoughts into
more malleable writing, makes doing a couple or 5 days in a sitting possible....helps that most everything I
do has a timestamp on it; text messages, calls, date of files last opened, browser usually just
need a little reminder, and piece by piece you're able to recall a day from start to end.

Doesn't sound too impressive, but these are the days we get, so I get a bit freaked out seeing how the weeks,
sometimes months fly by, sometimes without feeling any change, or at all more in proximity with who you wanted to be
a month ago, and still do....

As you might gather, I like to ramble, either through speech or writing, just pour it out, and sometimes gold might appear...
you need patient, interested and loving friends though, so thanks :-) I know the gold can seem rare sometimes.

So, I have actually soon completed the first month of my diary; no revolution has taken place in my life, but as I read
-through it, and try to identify the causes of my happiness and vice versa, who knows....? I might just be a better man some day.
Or at the very least remember to practice Better Man on guitar so I don't forget it, diaries are a must if I'm to do what I plan.

Back to CryptSync; I've just tried it out with Windows 8 and Google Drive, worked like a charm.
Don't know too much about encryption, but took a look at CryptSync’s data traffic through Fiddler, and could find
no sign of any ominous, it is Open Source, after all, though I've not more than perused the source code, and
take no responsibility if your pictures of your private parts (still can't understand what people want with those, suspect
a millennial thing...god, I'm an old geezer....oh, well, at least I have my diary :-) end up sold as cover art of Thai blackmarket porn

You could always just encrypt with 7zip yourself, and upload and download manually, or make a script or small program....
this is all about convenience....I needed to be able to feel free while writing, and wanted a solution in place before procrastination took away yet another opportunity of chronicling this life...Volume 1.....bards will recite it at feasts for my 200 birthday....
Stuff like that gross, but real (though merely acquired five seconds ago) megalomaniac stuff is what I need my diary for, the beautiful people of the Internet deserve a much more people friendly blog; though you might say my extreme lack of content is pretty people friendly, so much better to throw a frisbee with your son, dog or friend than read blogs :-)

Monday, 20 April 2015

Norsk poltikk - Kommunevalg 2015

Vi er et velfungerende sosialdemokrati, som i det store og hele ikke trenger vår input, og slik situasjonen er i dag,
særlig med tanke på en usikker europeisk fremtid (50% arbeidsledighet hos spanjoler under 25....det kan ikke skyves under stoler for alltid) bør det viktigste spørsmålet være å velge dyktige ledere, uavhengig av parti...realforskjellen mellom ytterste venstre og høyre på Stortinget er i mine øyne neglisjerbar.

Særlig gjelder dette i kommunevalg, jeg grøsser av tanken på at vi har 428 kommuner som alle er forpliktet til å levere et ganske omfattende tilbud til sine takten på lønninger i det private, og en stadig mindre ideologisert hverdag, kan jeg ikke i min villeste fantasi se for meg at vi har nok dyktige folk med en oppriktig samfunnsinteresse og følelse av ansvar for stillingene...kompiskorrupsjon og uendelige statlige overføringer som ingen politikere ser ut til å ville ta seg bryet med å gjøre særlig gjennomsiktig er dårlige tegn....og at rikspolitikerne, de som virkelig burde brenne for å ville demokratisere samsfunnsprossessene, ikke akkurat har ligget i forkanten med å gjøre data om beslutningsprossesser, bevilninger og andre realpolitiske, lett xml-ifiserbare tilgjengelig på en fornuftig måte...

Så innen vi får ut fingeren med å ta et bredt krafttak (noen som neppe skjer uten en krise av WWII proposjoner) er det tryggeste å stemme ut i fra tanken om at det er lurt å ha mennesker som kan mer enn å lage overskrifter og være rene populister uten snev av samfunnsøkonomisk forståelse (les : FRP) til å styre skuta (les : dyktige folk finner man i AP, Høyre og til en viss grad også i V og SV (dog tør jeg ikke spå deres fremtid i et så dvaskt politisk klima))

Illuminating Reads and Rants

Thursday, 9 April 2015

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