Monday, 1 May 2017

How do .NET developers celebrate Christmas?

Trend over time

Google Trends give interesting insight into many wonders of human searching behavior; this can be useful if you wonder what technology to study; or to find if your collection of Star Wars figurines are nearing peak value ;-)

No time for turkey?

As we see from the graph, all my other randomly chosen tech search terms shows an understandable dip around Christmas. Most developers apparantly prioritize family, food and maybe even taking a trip to church. Not so for .NET developers. Our family is on Reddit and Stack Overflow, our food is pizza with hacked trolls for topping and church is Visual Studio.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Windows and Windows Defender : YOU coded it, so YOU get to protect us!

The "Feedback Hub" in Windows 10 (in case it's only for Windows Insider Builds; just think of it as a question now and then regarding some feature or change in the latest Windows build.

No hassle, either just give a 1-5 score, or ramble on and hope someone at MS reads it (or sometimes don't hope!)....

In the extremely likely idea Microsoft aren't presenting my feedback to Balmer every morning,
why not present it to the world?!


How hard is it to understand the antivirus protection status using Windows Defender?

My Answer

Score 4 / 5

Make people give thought to who really is in the best position to write protective software and other components for Windows 10;
how can it not be the people who wrote/have access to the source code?

In general, all antivirus software is close to scam-ware, pretending to protect you from malicious code, when code is just as lacking in moral motivation and responsibility as any other language;
thereby only giving customers protection after a malicious binary has been detected (by someone else) and flagged by the entire AV-community. 

PC-makers, banks, whomever get well paid for pushing McAfee and other software on customers, thereby giving a false vote of confidence, making customers likely to pay when the bill eventually comes...

YOU built it, YOU secure it best - tell that to the people! (if true)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Netcom blir Telia - beholder lusa på nettsiden

Telia har videreført Netcoms horrible hjemmeside, med bugs jeg har observert i årevis; mange, særlig JavaScript-feil, har blitt med gjennom flere iterasjoner av siden og designet(!).

Dette kan under tvil aksepteres...hadde det ikke vært for de vedvarende problemene knyttet til routingen til "Din Side" etter en vellykket innlogging....feilmeldinger, røver re-routes og kludder har plaget akkurat denne funksjonaliteten i lengre tid, og er så in-your-face at det vitner om et selskap blottet for personlig initiativ og/eller et teknologisk verdensbilde;
uansett skremmende fra Nordens telegigant...

Uten å gå inn på det tekniske, denne ble litt for morsom...etter en vellykket innlogging,
ble jeg sendt til den lovende URL'en

Dessverre så den slik ut :